Wonderful walk

I am having the nicest weekend. On Friday I went to the park with my young one, she climbed a tree and I watched, then we made daisy chains. Then a friend came over and we indulged in hot beverages and board games. Today started with a coastal walk to a heritage site, meeting two new people who my usual walking friend invited along. This afternoon was some work and dinner out with my family. Now it is almost time for me and the young one to kick back with a DVD. I don’t quite know what’s in store for tomorrow, but I know it will likely be agreeable too. Sometimes  I feel so amazingly loved

I do alone time really well too. I can happily go to the cinema, or get a meal somewhere, by myself. It never occurs to me that I can’t do these things or need someone else to accompany me. Even as a teenager, going to the theatre on my own wasn’t an issue. When I have decided to embark on something, I am generally really well motivated, or at least mostly.

When I do things with other people it is a conscious choice to engage with others. It is because I know that some people will utterly uplift me and sharing some time with people like that is important. I know that I also serve the same role to others. Good people are good to be around!

Sometimes it is highly needful to have other people around to support you and make sure you are okay. Sometimes we all need that level of endorsement. But when things are good, to have people in your life purely because you enjoy being with them is amazing. It isn’t to fulfil a particular need, it is to completely to enhance yours and their wellbeing.

When I was out this morning, chatting with my friend and her two friends, it felt as if this is what we are meant to be doing. We are meant to make connections. As a group, we kept splitting off in different twos and walking for a ways. Hearing snippets of someone else’s life is a glorious privilege and it offered me new perspectives on my own. I am seeing myself more clearly.

Map Point. Where do I want to go?





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