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Today is my 42nd day of writing. This feels like a milestone. Am a big fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Am not sure that I have ever managed this level of consistency with an activity before. I go through phases where I feel more or less motivated, but having the drive, the sheer force of will, irrespective of how motivated I feel, is liberating. I know that I genuinely want to spend my time writing, and am seeing fewer reasons for me not to do so.

I mean in the rest of my life there are things that are regular occurrences, things that I always do, but very few of these advance me (although ensuring a regular stream of clean clothing does keep me socially acceptable!) in a noticeable way. I play the guitar a few times a week, but I don’t feel the same compulsion to do so, no matter how much I enjoy playing. The pull of writing for me is amazing. It allows me to explore the quiet spaces in my head.

Finding something that I love doing as much as this feels like a genuine privilege. I am doing something that I enjoy and it is something that I will continue.

So thank you to everyone around the world who has read my blog, shared the link, commented and liked. You are all amazing beautiful people, you have my gratitude.xx


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