My amazing friend

This morning I went to visit my friend Trevor. Trevor is someone who I have known for around fifteen years, he has always been a friend who is guaranteed to give wise counsel, amazing ideas and a somewhat wry sense of humour. He is someone who always uplifts me, he makes me feel good.

This morning I told him about my life, the people I have recently met, how my daughter is doing, this blog and also the current political situation (which is worthy of note!). I also gave him a heads up on what was going on around him, as Trevor is currently in hospital in the ICU. He has many wires and tubes attached. He is aware enough to squeeze my hand but had not yet opened his eyes post surgery. I also talked a bit about the football.

Midway through my visit, there were some bits that needed to be done, so I went to the waiting area. I cried a little bit. Seeing anyone I love in such a situation is hard, but I am reassured that having visitors, irrespective of how much awareness is going on, is important to recovery. I also thought about the things that I am currently stressing over, and what a sharp relief that was. If all I have to worry about is a few letters and phone calls, then my life is indeed very blessed.

I was called back in by the nurse so I could see him again before I left and he opened his eyes. I was blown away. There is something about being able to look into someone else’s eyes, and have them look back into yours that is utterly beautiful. I have every confidence that Trevor will get back to his usual tip-top form as soon as possible, and he is in my thoughts always.

Map Point. Which people do I love spending time with?




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