Another computer

Today I have decided to set up a desktop computer for my daughter. She is increasingly stealing mine, and in utter practicality, it somewhat vexes me if I can’t get on it. Two thoughts then occurred. One, do I have all the necessary cables for the second computer and two, I am somewhat shocked at my screen dependency.

Well, not exactly shocked, I know that I spend a goodly part of each day working at my computer. Organising, writing, sourcing, tracking and sometimes if I manage all of the above, gaming (I like Minecraft, my daughter calls me a ‘non-failing noob’). But when I have expected to be able to do something on the computer to find someone else already there, I feel a little lost. I then sort of potter about until my young one has finished with whatever she has been doing (have not yet reached the stage of telling her ‘it’s my turn’, at least not yet). After whatever other task I engage in is over and I find the computer empty again, it is sometimes with a sense of resignation, knowing that I will be stuck in the chair for a goodly amount of time.

Maybe this is just how we interact with technology now, our social dependence for imagining the world is now through the device of the screen. This is an apparently acceptable addiction to have. I spend my working time in front of a screen, why not my downtime too? It is easy to access and efficient, and it changes my interaction with the world.

But back to the first issue. I am a collector of stuff, the right cables will definitely be here. Somewhere.

Map Point. What is my favourite non-screen activity?


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