Connection part one

This is a thank you. I spend a lot of my time flitting from one place to another, seeing many different people, and sometimes, it feels important to acknowledge how amazing the people and places around me actually are. Here are three.

My friend Laurel. Everyone should have Laurel as a friend. I can’t imagine a situation where she wouldn’t fit in seamlessly. She has the most glorious way of making me feel at ease and she is fountain of possibility. She searches for the new, have often referred to her as ‘David Bowie’ insofar as she is always ahead of the trend, with a slightly mysticism surrounding her. She is currently going through some hard things, yet she remains pragmatic and still looks for opportunity. Thank you for the way you explore the world, it allows me to do likewise.

The beach. I live a short walk to a beautiful beach, my own little bit of the horizon. It feels endless when I look out to sea, as if there is an infinity to be discovered. I love seeing the world as this creative and magical place. And walking with my toes pressing through the water’s edge sand gives me such an incredible sense of connection, such a conduit to everything else.

My friend Will. Will has been in my sphere for a couple of years, directly and indirectly, and I have never come across a more gifted story teller. He spins and weaves his words how I imagine a bird takes flight, utterly precise, with the spontaneity of instinct.

People want a way to share experiences, a way to connect, to others and to the world. For me, by writing these words and having people read them, I realise I am not alone.

Map Point. How do I connect?




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