I was thinking today about how I see my remarkable journey, indeed everybody’s remarkable journey. I meditated on this for quite some time and came up with the following.

As babies, we are as balls of beautiful light. Amazing human sized bundles of luminescence. As we grow, we learn different things, yet when things that our minds can’t comprehend, our little orb gets flecked with dark. Sometimes it can feel that the whole orb is flecked with these tiny pieces as there is so much we can’t see past, so many things that are challenging, or have made us sad and we can’t understand why. But inside all this darkness is still the same beautiful light.

The one day we start to question, we begin to realise that we are not living up to the potential that we know that we have, and by thinking about our lives, we start to chip away at the black. It is tough, and thinking about certain things in our lives can be really difficult, but then we breakthrough, and obtain clarity on a subject, and a tiny beam of light bursts through. And this inspires us, we can do more when we understand what we have. We intrinsically know the power that is within us, completes us. This is all the energy that we require to do astonishing things.

Changing even little things in our lives can feel incredibly hard, but some of the time I put more energy into worrying about something than actually doing it. So tonight, I am going to think about how I shine.

Map Point. Where do I shine?


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