Fifth letter

Dear Robert,

Thank you. Meeting you changed my life. That isn’t to say that other people have not changed my life too, but this has happened over a longer period of time. From when we began chatting online things changed fast.

Getting a message from you was excitement. The eloquency of your words to which I could respond became a compulsion, almost addiction. It was so incredibly amazing, being able to converse issues of psychology, philosophy and all manner of what we consumed on social media. Your words fuelled my words, and our collective ideas grew.

Also, there was guitar. To start with I taught you classical, then that developed into learning the chords for ‘Scarborough Fair’, then suddenly we were singing together (with the counterpoint). The book of songs grew and through this, I developed a confidence in my own voice that before hand, I just didn’t have. Singing in front of you doesn’t feel embarrassing, even if my voice cracks or I miss the note entirely, it is funny. You make it that way.

Our nights out. The first time we went out I had no idea what to expect. We sat on the beach and drank Jack Daniels (the honey one) and you chased away an errantly large spider. You were loud and shouty and we danced to a Waltz (music supplied by your phone, think it was Japanese) under the arches on the beachfront whilst the rain cascaded heavy with illumination from the street. Subsequent nights out have been colourful and insightful. From unlikely injuries, multiple destroyed phones, meals of awesome and collections of waiters. They have been fun.

You take me shopping in nice places. You find clothes for me to try on and you have an innate ability to know what will look good on me. You have dyed my hair (even by using my inane drawings as reference) and talked through makeup. You make me pretty, and sometimes I forget to do that.

I know that I have done good things for you too, reciprocation is an inherent part of any friendship, but this is a thank you from me, expressing all the love and gratitude that I have for you.

Shiny always


Map Point. Who do I share my time with that makes me happy?



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