Paths and roads

Today I went to somewhere I have never been before in London. I enjoy going to new places, but generally, have a mild sense of panic as to whether or not I will actually find where I intend. I get lost a lot.

When I see a way that I have never seen before, I get excited. Something new to see, something new to experience. I love that moment of finding something unexpectedly amazing. This applies to all areas of my life; new things are good!

I seem to get most lost on foot. In a car there are roads, and somehow I feel that because the car makes me bigger, somehow that equates to less lost. However in the days before say nav, I would sometimes phone up my brother, and ask politely (through screaming tears) to please find where I was on a map and then to please direct me to where I needed to get to. He did, he is a good brother!

On foot, I can go for miles off my path without worrying too much. I enjoy the sense of freedom, the exploration. The only time being lost really bothers me is if I am on a deadline to be somewhere, but if I am not, I like new.

Map Point. Where do I want to go?